Feb 23, 2011

Final Goodbye

It has been a pleasure updating you these past few years, but unfortunately, everyones topic of interest changes. I still own a lego collection (mostly of Star Wars) and plan to keep it for a very long time, but I feel that since I am generally no longer interested in Lego, I should part with "Legowiz". This isn't the last you'll hear from me though, I am planning an upcoming blog covering the topic of software or hardware, or computers in general. I might even begin a blog about popular websites or TV shows! However for now, I'm still figuring things out. I am glad I could help internet viewers with their Lego needs, and I will still answer messages or comments left on the website, but as for posting, I'm finished. Thank you for supporting another blog, in the vast internet world.

Signing off for good,


  1. WHAT!!!!! you cant stop! you are letting all your viewers dowN! DONT GIVE UP YET!!! :C

  2. Sorry, but I have lost the interest in posting on the topic of Lego. Legowiz was a lot of fun though! And I am happy to answer any questions about Lego updates as I still occasionally follow up on new sets. I will soon post an update on my brand new tech blog!


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