Dec 31, 2008


Hello once more,

Tonight is the last night of 2008 ever, and there is much to look forward too in the new year. Though new lego sets will soon be released, many old ones will quietly be taken away by the lego company. The next chance you get to go to a store, please buy these old sets and treasure them forever ... or sell them at a ridiculous price on eBay , whatever pays more. May the new year (and the Lego Company) bring good sets to all!

Dec 26, 2008

So Long Mars Mission!

Hello again,

A large threat to the "Mars Mission" series has been spoteted at Legowiz! Have you noticed the new "Power Miners" theme? It's the same mining operation on Mars but now on Earth. Buy Mars Mission sets while you can because they could soon be worth alot! As I'm am sad to see a series go, I am even more upset to see it be replaced by a phoney new one, a hundred times worse!

Dec 20, 2008

Minifig of the Month

This month's Minifig of the month is the famous Darth Vader. He is available in few sets but a newer version will be made in 2009 with a new torso, in a remade version of his classic starfighter. Until then, "May the force be with you"

Arr Me Hardy!

Hello there me Hardy, Arr!
A New lego theme has been added to known as the "Pirates" theme. With many sets already released, this promises to be a terrific addition to any collection!

Indiana Jones and the Radiars of the lost Brick

Dec 19, 2008

Minifig of the Month

Dear lego pepole of the world,

I will no longer be posting my monthly, "Set of the Month posts. Instead I'll be doing minifig of the month, the same deal but for minifigs. I'll be starting sometime soon, but until then, I have a cool photo of a lego snowman!

Lego Digital Designer

Hi once again! Ever wanted to design a set, but you don't have the pecies? Well have I got the program for you! Lego's Digital Designer is a program where you design anything, anytime! And it gets better! You can even uplod your image to and buy it! The image above is one I easly created my self! You just go to to the "Lego Factory" section and download it for Free! Don't you just love computers?

New 2009 sets!

Hello once again lego fans! After recently scanning over the Internet at numerous websites, I found these photos of new 09 sets at Toys'R' Many more sets will be released including new versions of old minifigs such as Yoda and Mace Windu. The sets you see above will be priced somewhere between $9 - $14 cdn. The sets won't be in stores for a while, some time after the new year. Save up your money to buy future 2009 sets!
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