Apr 26, 2009

Flaws Of The Sith

This video is almost as good as the last one I posted, (I didn't make this film by the way).

Apr 25, 2009

New Pirate Tank

The newest addition of the star wars clone wars set will be a easy to remember,"Pirate Tank", from the,"Dooku Captured" Clone Wars TV episode. For more info, and an interview with the designer, click here.

Apr 23, 2009

Midi Set

The first ever Midi set ( a Wal-Mart exclusive) is the Millennium Falcon! As before it wasn`t a clone wars set and it was only a midi set, so I didn`t hear of it until now. For more info click here

Mon Calamari Crusier Set

Just In, The New`Mon Calamari Cruiser`` set, (a Toys R' Us/ Lego.com exclusive) will be the newest addition to the lego star wars classic collection. Sorry I didn't have news of the set earlier, but it wasn`t a Clone Wars Set, so it was not payed much attention to. For more info on this awesome new set click here.
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