Sep 27, 2009

Minfig of the Month

This Month's Minifig of the Month, may seem to be off a custom design, but is actually a publicly released figure with the "Lego Star Wars Visual Guide"
If your a major or old Star Wars fan, you know who this guy is, Luke Skywalker, Yavin 4 addition. You can buy him when you purchase the book for 21.99 USD.

Star Wars Superpack 3-in-1

Hi, Here are some updates on a new set

Pieces: Combination of peaces from all following sets, 8017, 7667, 7668
Price: Unknown for now
Minifigs: Minfigs from sets, 8017, 7667, 7668
Release: May 2009 in Scandinavia
Set Number: 66308

Note: It is unknown whether or not this set will be released for the public in North America, It may have already been.

Sep 26, 2009

Holo-Brick Archives

I don't know if you've heard or not, but a new project is underway by the Lego Company, the Holo-Brick Archives. It's basically a timeline of sets released, by episode, or year. But before you criticize it on the small number of sets it currently has in it, remember, it IS a work in progress, so it could take up to a year or more to complete. I'll update when more info is released. Click here to view it so far.

Sep 4, 2009

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