Aug 3, 2009

Home One Update And Reveiw

Just In, has just released a great reveiw of the new "Home One" Set. Below is the reveiw of the set, by Jeremy Beckett

The latest Star Wars offering from LEGO Co is the Home One Mon Calamari Star Cruiser (7754), which is the very first Fan's Choice set ever. In 2007 it was picked as the winner in an online poll conducted by LEGO Co and Toys "R" Us, with whom it is exclusively available through (as well as LEGO brand stores and the website). In 2009 it joined the LEGO Star Wars line to mark the 10th anniversary of the license.
Anyone who regularly builds LEGO sets will tell you that sorting out all the pieces before you start is a task they'd prefer to avoid, but inside the Home One box you will find numbered bags full of bricks that make sorting the pieces short work. A quick flip through the two instruction books will show you that the build is broken down into three sections and as soon as you've picked out the three or four bags that go with each phase you are ready to begin.
As with all LEGO Star Wars sets, the instruction book starts with the minifigures (though personally I leave them right until the end as a final reward), which are perhaps the most eye-catching aspect of this set because the designers have packed in six minifigures -- five of which are brand new. While the brick sculptors worked on the new Mon Calamari head element, the minifigure designers worked on images provided by Lucasfilm in order to faithfully reproduce the costumes of the Rebel Alliance's leader Mon Mothma, the famous commando General Madine, Lando "hero of the Battle of Tanaab" Calrissian, a generic Mon Calamari officer and the legendary Admiral Ackbar.
The first phase is the construction of the newly designed A-wing. Even though it comes as part of a larger set, LEGO Co have not scrimped and its piece count is a respectable 190 elements, making it comparable to the two previous A-wing sets (7134 from 2000 had 123 bricks and 2006's 6207 contained 194 pieces). This new A-wing comes with two unique play elements that the preceding sets couldn't boast: wing-mounted flick missiles and a removable engine. Just pop the A-wing Pilot minifigure into the cockpit, close the canopy and you are ready to launch.
A hanger bay (second build stage) comes with a repair station manned (or should that be squidded?) by a Mon Calamari officer, and houses the A-wing when it's not away on a mission. Once the fighter is landed on the docking pad it can be swivelled and slid into position so that it can be rearmed and refuelled using the hoses. With a minimum amount of modification you can adjust the earlier LEGO A-wings so that they can use the docking pad too. An overhead gantry allows a crane hoist to slide back and forth, and a grapple can be lowered to remove the engine so that repairs can be made!
And while the necessary work is being done to the fighter, the A-wing Pilot can walk through the connecting hatchway into the briefing room and bridge. This third and final build segment contains many treats because the LEGO Star Wars design team poured over scenes from Return of the Jedi and picked the most iconic feature to incorporate into the set. The briefing chamber has curved rows of seats that all face towards a hologrammatic Death Star, surrounded by its protective shield, allowing Mon Mothma to brief Generals Madine and Calrissian on the upcoming attack on the Death Star II. While up on the bridge the command seat swivels and so that Admiral Ackbar can oversee the battle and direct the Rebel fleet into position, while the commandos below disable the shield generator. Even in the heat of battle Admiral Ackbar can take a moment to enjoy a nice cup of Java (the Hutt) because the design team at LEGO Co have thought to give him a coffee mug, showing the quirky sense of humour that they have become famed for.
The whole set can be comfortably built, from start to finish, in three hours (or less if you have particularly nimble figures). Of course the fun doesn't end there because you can combine the Home One Mon Calamari Star Cruiser with the B-wing, X-wing and Millennium Falcon sets and create the entire Rebel fleet. If you want you could also add in Imperial Shuttle sets, and the brand new Battle of Endor and recreate the Rebel attack on the Imperial bunker!

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